Our vision

Become an advocate and practitioner of the scientific development in the apparel industry
Become a leader and promoter of technological innovation in the apparel industry
Become a trainer and devotee of outstanding talents in the apparel industry

Our vision

Become an advocate and practitioner of the scientific development in the apparel industry
Become a leader and promoter of technological innovation in the apparel industry
Become a trainer and devotee of outstanding talents in the apparel industry

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Development layout

By building a scientific research platform for garment intelligent design and manufacturing engineering, focusing on the technical problems faced by garment intelligent design and manufacturing, and based on the scientific research accumulation of both sides for many years, the Engineering Center relies on the advantages of the provincial key disciplines ’ garment design and engineering ’ and the interdisciplinary disciplines ’ garment information engineering and technology ’ of the university to achieve the development goals of the center, improve the research level and achievements transformation of industry-university-research cooperation, and support and guide the transformation and upgrading of the garment industry.

Clothing intelligent design and manufacturing research platform architecture

Clothing basic design platform

  • 3D body measurement system
  • Body Classification and Human Modeling System
  • Clothing User Demand Intelligent Analysis System
  • Clothing fashion design system
  • Fashion design knowledge modeling system
  • Clothing Plate Intelligent Design System
  • Apparel Virtual Wear Evaluation System
  • Clothing human efficacy simulation test verification platform

Basic Platform of Intelligent Garment Manufacturing

  • Flexible garment manufacturing system
  • Clothing production execution system (MES)
  • Simulation and Optimization System of Digital Garment Production Line
  • Garment production line simulation optimization system
  • Garment Process Generation System
  • Clothing Intelligent Equipment Interconnection System
  • Data acquisition system for garment processing
  • Clothing production energy consumption management system

Application Demonstration Platform of Clothing Intelligent Design and Manufacturing

  • Clothing personalized customization innovation practice platform
  • Garment(shirt)personalized customization flexible processing demonstration platform
  • Apparel intelligent design and manufacturing teaching practice platform
Research direction

The main purpose of technology research and development in the field of clothing intelligent design and manufacturing is to meet the needs of consumers for personalized clothing customization, as well as the design and production mode required for mass customization. The key elements involved in technology research and development include the following aspects.

  • Study on 3D Reconstruction, Body Size Extraction and Body Shape Features of Human Digital Model

    The shape and size of the human body are the basis of clothing design. In the intelligent design of clothing for consumer personalized customization, the analysis of human body shape characteristics is the basis of the whole clothing personalized customization.

  • Research on acquisition and representation of clothing design knowledge

    On the basis of analyzing and studying the characteristics of clothing pattern knowledge, engineering technology uses knowledge to express clothing design knowledge into symbols that are easy to express and utilize by computer. In this way, the acquisition mechanism of clothing design knowledge is established, and the representation mode of clothing design knowledge in different forms and functions is proposed according to different types and forms of design knowledge.

  • Research on modeling process and method of garment design model

    Based on knowledge driven fashion design method, the principle and technology of knowledge modeling are applied to the research of fashion design model. Guided by the “ knowledge-driven ” theory, the principles, methods, processes, knowledge and experience of clothing design are taken as the objects to study the composition, modeling process and methods of clothing design model based on knowledge-driven theory, and further develop the clothing intelligent CAD system.

  • Digital Simulation and Experimental Verification of Clothing Human Function

    The finite element simulation technology and virtual fitting evaluation technology are used to carry out human body efficacy simulation research on clothing, especially functional clothing, and a corresponding test verification platform is established to realize the intelligent and visual design of clothing, and promote the integrated application of computer-aided body measurement / CAD / CAE.

  • Research on enabling technology and its application in clothing intelligent manufacturing

    Clothing intelligent design and manufacturing involves the intersection and integration of multi-disciplinary and multi-field technologies. The enabling technologies include: knowledge automation, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, VR / AR / MR, 3 D printing, simulation technology, robot technology, automatic identification, industrial technology software, etc. Systematic innovation research on these enabling technologies and their application in the field of clothing are the technical basis for realizing intelligent design and manufacturing of clothing.

  • Research on Clothing Intelligent Design and Manufacturing Talents Training Mode

    Combined with the essential characteristics and construction route of clothing intelligent design and manufacturing, the corresponding clothing education mode and the knowledge structure required by talents are studied, and the reform direction of clothing education is further proposed.