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Leading provider of human 3D digital technology solutions

Experts Team

Leading provider of human 3D digital technology solutions

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  • Professor Liang Jin

    Professor Liang Jin


    Famous experts in the field of optical three-dimensional measurement in China are engaged in in interdisciplinary research of machine vision, image processing and deformation measurement. The research results are awarded the second prize of the national technical invention in 2013 (the first prize of the mechanical group). Aiming at the three-dimensional dynamic deformation detection problem of aerospace, military, shipbuilding, automobile and other high-end manufacturing industries, after 20 years of continuous research, a three-dimensional full-field dynamic deformation detection method and a series of devices under complex working conditions are invented, which provide support for innovative design and digital manufacturing.

  • Professor Zhang Xin

    Professor Zhang Xin


    Academic positions : Communication Review Expert, National Natural Science Foundation of China ; Communication Review Expert, Degree and Graduate Education Development Center, Ministry of Education ; Deputy Chairman, Textile Bioengineering Information Society ; Head, ' Research Base for Clothing Intelligent Design and Manufacturing ', China Textile Engineering Society ; Expert Committee, Industry Expert Committee, China Garment Association ; Special Invited Committee, Science and Technology Working Committee, China Sewing Machine Association ; Expert Committee, China Garment Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance ; Editorial Board, ' Journal of Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics '. Mainly engaged in digital clothing design and engineering research.

  • Professor Liu Kaixuan

    Professor Liu Kaixuan


    Doctoral degree in computer engineering from the First University of Lille in France; Doctoral degree in clothing engineering from Donghua University; Post-doctoral degree from the State Key Laboratory of Textile Materials and Engineering in France; special expert of ' Thousand Talents Plan ' in Shaanxi Province, and head of the youth innovation team of ' Virtual Simulation and Intelligent Design of Ancient Costumes under Interactive Experience ' in Shaanxi Province. Research directions: clothing MR / AR / VR, clothing design intelligence, pattern interaction design, Chinese traditional clothing culture, etc.

  • Dr. Tang Zhengzong

    Dr. Tang Zhengzong


    A well-known 3D optical measurement expert in China. He has presided over and participated in a number of national, provincial and corporate scientific research projects. He has successively won the first prize of Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Award, the first prize of Shaanxi University Science and Technology Award, the champion of the 2016 Shaanxi University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Competition and the gold medal of the national finals. He was selected as the 2016 Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneur Talent, 2017 Shaanxi Province Youth Science and Technology Rising Stars and 2018 "Special Support Plan" of Shaanxi Province talents.

  • Associate Professor Ying baian

    Associate Professor Ying baian


    Main research fields : Computer aided design; Computer graphics and image processing; Computer numerical simulation; Modeling and numerical simulation of functional textile materials; Digital garment design and engineering.

  • Associate Professor Wulong

    Associate Professor Wulong


    PhD, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, National Visiting Scholar, Royal Melbourne Polytechnic University, Australia. It is devoted to the research of human body measurement technology and application, clothing ergonomics finite element simulation and clothing digitization. Taking special functional clothing (such as bullet-proof and stab-proof clothing, electromagnetic radiation-proof clothing, pressure clothing and other individual clothing equipment) as the object, the joint simulation of multi-system and multi-field is carried out to realize the simulation analysis and experimental verification of human body efficacy of clothing. Twice awarded the TBIS International Conference Paper Award and twice invited to give keynote speeches at international conferences.