Cultivation of talents

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Cultivation of talents

Leading provider of human 3D digital technology solutions

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  • Cultivation of talents

    Shaanxi Province Clothing Intelligent Design and Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center is constructed by Weinan Lingzhi 3D Union Xi an Engineering University. On the basis of the original Shaanxi Province Clothing Engineering Technology Research Center, the four main bodies and one joint school-enterprise joint upgrading and reconstruction are carried out. Since its establishment, the Engineering Center has adhered to the research direction of digital

  • Student Series of Excellent Papers in Fashion Design and Engineering

    2018 He Chaojun ,Research on the Construction Method of Clothing Pattern Hierarchical Design Model for Clothing Intelligent Design

    2018 Jiang Xiaoyu,Research on ontology construction of jacket design knowledge domain and modular design of its model

    2018 Huang Chao, Research on Virtual Reality Garment Personalized Customization System Based on User Immersion Experience

    2018 Zhu Changlin,Study on Pressure Distribution of Sports Bra Wearing Based on Joint Simulation of Statics and Dynamics

    2019 Ma Jiajian,Mechanism Analysis and Classification Design Method of Mould Cup Bra

    2019 Zhuang Xiaoyan,Research on Virtual Reality Experience Mode in Guiding Garment Personalized Customization

    2019 Zhou Xiaoping,Design and shielding effectiveness analysis of electromagnetic radiation protection clothing for pregnant women based on finite element simulation

    2019 Du Meiru,Study on design of flexible stab-proof clothing and evaluation of stab-proof efficacy

    2020 Xia Jing, Research on Personalized Customization and Chest Shaping Mechanism of Bra Mould Cup Based on 3D Printing Technology